Rendang Pedas Ayam Kampung - A guest post for dear Love of LOVE2COOKMALAYSIA

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera, 

This is my first guest post. As excited I was when I found out about Love's announcement for guest post event in her blog Love2CookMalaysia, I was even more excited when Love accepted my humble recipe and photos with open heart. And guess what?, Love was actually the first few friends who joined and follow my blog when I started to open it up for public views. Love who I knew just from the web, to me
 is friendly , kind hearted, jovial and down to earth kind of person. By looking at her knowledge on the variety of foods and recipes posted in her blog and by the comments given either to another blog or the comments replied in her blog, you can sense that Love is a true One Malaysia citizen:). I am not surprise if Love not only fluent talking in Malay but also know how to speak at least in one of Chinese dialects, a little if not fluently.

Back to the recipe which I have decided to share, this recipe is not new but is a well known recipe to all Malaysians - Rendang Ayam Kampung. This dish use to be prepared during Hari Raya festivities or at a feast but nowadays people also cooked it to be served as lunch or dinner. But to me this dish is one of my MIL (mother in law) signature dish not only loved by my late FIL (father in law) but by the family as a whole.

I remember we used to buy old chicken so that my MIL could make this rendang each time we went home, because my FIL loved it so much. In those days, my husband and I was staying in Kulim which is about 2 hours drive to our hometown and each time we went home at least once a month, my FIL would love if we buy "ayam kampung" so mom can make this rendang. Its very hard to get "ayam kampung" in Kulim then, so we will substitute it with old chicken instead, and normally we would buy 2 or 3 chickens enough to feed the whole big family. And all of us will eat on the floor by forming small groups, and because the family is so big, we occupied the entire living room right from the front of  the kitchen door up to the end of the living room.

This dish has it own sentimentle value to me as each time either I prepare or eat it
 , it will bring back those wonderful memory that I had with my late FIL.

Rendang Pedas Ayam Kampung
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1 ekor “ayam kampong” -  cut to 16 pcs, wash and dry
8 lemon grass – sliced thinly  and crushed
3 tumeris leaves – sliced thinly
1 pc of tamarind peel
2 cups of thick coconut milk
1 cup of water
½ cup of cili paste
5 - 6 pcs of hot chili* – depends on level of heat desired
15 pcs of shallots*
5 pcs of garlic*
1 ½ inch of ginger*
1 ½ inch of wild/blue ginger*
1 inch of fresh tumeric *
Salt to taste
2 tsp of sugar


Blend all * ingredients with few tbsp of water until fine paste. Set aside.

Place heavy pan on the stove, add in all the chicken, chili paste and the blended paste. Cook until  fragrant and until all the water from the chicken extracted out.

Add in a dash of salt.

Add in tamarind peel  and crushed lemon grass, stir to mix well, cook for 15mins.

Add in water and a cup of coconut milk, continue to simmer for 20-25mins, stir from time to time.
Season again with salt and sugar, add in another cup of coconut milk, continue to cook until the gravy reach to the desired thickness. When the gravy is about to reach the desired thickness, put in the slice turmeric leaves. Stir again for few minutes.

Serve hot or cold  with rice or ketupat pulut  (glutinous rice).



  1. Wow! bak k.gee sepiring nak cicah roti arab...

  2. Wee~~~~~~~~~~~haaa... kn best pop-up komen.. hihi....sedap rendang ayam, kalau tun cari pulut kuning la nih sbb mama tun mmg masak rendang ngan pulut kuning...

  3. came through sri... lovely guest post... the curry looks so much like our indian dishes... gladly following u... :)

  4. The curry looks so good Marsita. Came here from Sri's space. Loved your guest post there :)

  5. Salam Kak Gee...lauk ni punya lah lama dah masak...CNY hari tu rasanya hi hi

  6. Tun pulut kuning jgn sebut...teringin hu hu


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