Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seven Life Lessons

You don’t need to travel hundreds of miles or spend thousands of dollars to find a great life coach. In fact, you can find some of the best life coaches in the world much closer to home than you may think…
Who are these expert life coaches?
The expert life coaches  are – Children!
Children come into the world with a positive ‘can-do’ mindset that we as adults can learn a lot from.  7 life lessons we can learn from children.
Live In The Moment
It never ceases to amaze how quickly children can make the transition from being upset to being happy. Underlying these instantaneous mood swings is the ability to truly live in the moment. Children don’t spend hours reflecting on the past or worrying about the future. They live life as it happens.
As adults we often carry emotional baggage from our previous experiences as well as fears for our future. It’s little wonder that we struggle to enjoy each moment simply for what it is.
Give Yourself Time To Learn
One of the major differences between young students and adult students was that the children gave themselves time to learn.
When they made a mistake, they simply laughed and moved on. The adult students on the other hand, often got worried and frustrated by their mistakes and berated themselves for not being perfect.
Children understand that it takes time to become good at something and they know that making mistakes is part of the learning process.
Believe Anything Is Possible
This is an area in which children easily out do most adults. Children truly believe that anything is possible, belief is the secret ingredient for achieving success in every area of your life.
Laugh Out Loud
One of the things children enjoy more than anything else is to laugh and giggle. Some of my happiest memories are of laughing to the point of tears with your child is over some silly incident or comment.
For some reason, as we grow older we seem to repress our sense of fun in preference for something called ‘maturity’. Personally, just rather laugh out loud!
Don’t Be Afraid To Love
Children are much more likely to say, "I love you" than most adults. They do not think about or analyse the long term consequences of making this statement. When they feel a sense of love for someone, they simply let them know.
Forgive Quickly And Completely
Children rarely carry a grudge for very long. They may get angry or upset but when they forgive someone, they do it quickly and completely. Adults on the other hand are quite capable of carrying a grudge for many years and even when they do forgive someone, it is often a case of, "I’ll forgive but I’ll never forget!"
Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder
Children don’t take the world around them for granted. They possess a wonderful sense of curiosity and fun.

Action Steps:
This week, take a break from the pressures of being an adult and use the seven life lessons above to reconnect with your inner child.

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